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Mushroom-powered sports nutrition

The Science of Mushrooms

For years, the accepted approach to improving our higher functions has been a binary choice between the mind or body. But imagine if it were both. What if there was a way to naturally enhance physical agility and mental acuity? Imagine uncovering a path towards growing stronger, performing better, and thinking smarter.

We believe that functional mushrooms are the answer. That's why we're taking our decades of professional athletic experience and extensive plant-based research to create the next generation of sports nutrition products.

OUr products
Fueling a higher function.

Umbo’s approach to sports nutrition is that nature is the source for solutions. And functional mushrooms are the core of every Umbo product, from energy enhancing cordyceps to brain-focusing lion’s mane. Each of our products is crafted to aide whole mind and body wellness.

Increase energy to perform at your best.
Functional mushrooms like Cordyceps have been known to help us wake up and be more energetic to tackle the day and even beast that workout.
Boost your immunity and recover from workouts faster.
Functional mushrooms like Chaga, Maitake and Turkey Tail support your immune system at the cellular level and contain things like vitamin D.
Think better.
Functional mushrooms like Lion’s Mane are considered to be nootropics meaning that they can increase brain function, allowing you to think faster and work smarter.
Our founders
Champions with a common purpose.
NFL Quarterback Jake Plummer and UFC Champion Rashad Evans were on a quest for solutions to the physical and emotional traumas of their former professions that weren’t engineered in a lab. When they met Del Jolly, who has tirelessly focused on demystifying natural medicines through education and awareness, a partnership seeking out new performance and wellness solutions was born.
Jake Plummer
Jake is slithering down his path as an avid forager seeking a better way to live and respect Mother Earth. Prior to this he played quarterback in the NFL for the Cardinals and Broncos.
Rashad Evans
Rashad is a pioneer of mushroom-based sports recovery. He joined UFC and became the Light Middleweight Champion before being inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame in 2019.
Del Jolly
Del is an entrepreneur and a co-founder of the research non-profit Unlimited Sciences. His first study is currently being conducted in collaboration with Johns Hopkins University.